Infrastructure projects

Cegelec develops targeted solutions for infrastructure projects

Cegelec Infra Technics provides advice and assistance for the planning, design, development, integration and maintenance of your infrastructure projects, next to all optimization methods.

We implement solutions which focus on infrastructures and their operation. We have developed advanced skills in the area of aerospace, energy, rail and public transport infrastructures, roads, tunnels and waterways in large multi-technical projects and control systems for electrical substations and thermal and nuclear power plants.

In Belgium, Cegelec Infra Technics consists of two Business Units, MTS (Multi Technical Solutions) and
IMCS (Industrial Measure & Control Systems), consisting of several teams of highly experienced engineers, software and hardware developers and technicians in the infrastructure sector.

They are used in combining technologies of real-time processing, control / command, supervision, IT and communications in order to build effective solutions that best meet the constraints and requirements of the customer.





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