All employees of VINCI Energies, and hence of Cegelec, endorse the VINCI Group’s basic principles of corporate social responsibility.

Design and build

Our infrastructure and facilities serve the public and the common good. We therefore strive to involve all stakeholders – including partners, customers, suppliers, elected officials, local residents and civil society – in our projects as early as possible. We commit to promoting outreach and consultation in conducting our projects to ensure that our partners are closely involved.


Comply with ethical principles

Ethical behaviour is key to our contracts and our customer relations. Our companies apply our Code of Ethics and Conduct around the world. We commit to ensuring total transparency in our own practices and in those of our subcontractors.



Promote green growth

We are taking part in the forward-looking debate about the sustainable city and sustainable mobility. Our eco-design innovations enable us to improve the energy and environmental performance of our infrastructure. We commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between now and 2020, to supporting our customers in their quest for better energy efficiency and to encouraging their adoption of an environmentally responsible approach.

Engage in civic projects

Our business activity is rooted in local service. We therefore support the engagement of our employees and companies in sponsoring civic projects and combating social exclusion. We commit to supporting the civic engagement of our employees, especially through the Group’s foundations around the world.


Strive for zero accidents

We reject the idea that workplace accidents are unavoidable. Our management has a responsibility to do its utmost to ensure the physical integrity and the health of everyone on our worksites and in the facilities we operate. We commit to the zero accidents objective.


Foster equality and diversity

Our culture is based on bringing together people of different backgrounds and experience. We fight all forms of discrimination in hiring, in workplace relations and in the career paths of our employees. We train our managers in this requirement and impress it on our suppliers and subcontractors. We commit to diversifying our supervisory staff to include more women and people of diverse origins.


Promote sustainable careers

We take a long-term approach to relations with our employees. We practice responsible flexibility to foster balanced career and personal development for our employees. We commit to proposing training and job mobility opportunities for all our employees in order to promote sustainable employability.


Share the benefits of our performance

Our employees together represent VINCI’s biggest shareholder block. We strive to share the benefits of our growth with our employees around the world through employee shareholding and appropriate profit-sharing schemes. We commit to ensuring that every VINCI employee is given an opportunity, wherever possible, to share in our economic success.




Cegelec, a brand of VINCI Energies, is specialised in consulting, design, engineering, installation and maintenance of tertiary and industrial buildings, and infrastructure projects.

What we do?

Cegelec is specialised in consulting, design, engineering, installation and maintenance of tertiary and industrial buildings, and infrastructure projects.