In high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems, a high-pressure pump system (around 100 bar) is used to force water through thin pipes to special sprinkler heads. These fine nozzles spray the water into the room in tiny droplets. Together, these micro-droplets form a kind of fire blanket that simultaneously protects a large surface area.

Water mist is especially effective in smaller, enclosed areas with limited ventilation, where a high concentration of water mist can be built up. Another possible effect is that water mist can reduce or protect against some of the heat radiation. The water consumption of a water mist system is also considerably lower than that of conventional sprinklers, making a large water reservoir unnecessary.

The system is fed by a pump unit or a system of bottles containing N2 gas. The control mechanism can be automatic or manual.

The system design complies with European standard EN 14972.


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