Whether it’s for an office space, production hall, storage space or car park, Cegelec has the optimal solution for every situation. Sprinkler systems are used as a reliable automatic fire fighting tool. In all cases, the system aims to minimise fire and water damage.

A sprinkler protection system that is well suited to the fire load is also the most effective tool for swift and uncomplicated intervention by the fire service. Sprinkler systems detect fire and discharge water only where it is needed.

The efficiency of sprinkler protection is evident from the statistics, which show that 75% of fires are controlled by fewer than five sprinklers and 95% of fires by fewer than 25 sprinklers. The remaining 5% are cases where a higher fire load causes more sprinklers to function or where a deluge system is activated.

Because every situation has specific requirements, possibilities and limitations, Cegelec always offers customised advice and tailor-made designs.

Wet sprinkler installations

Wet sprinkler systems are by far the most widely used sprinkler systems. In these systems the pipes are filled with water up to the sprinkler heads. When a fire is detected, the nearest sprinkler immediately starts spraying.

Wet sprinkler systems are often used in offices, hotels, shopping centres, warehouses, etc. Open-air wet installations must be kept frost-free. This can be done by insulating the pipes.

Dry sprinkler installations

Dry systems are suitable for buildings or areas where there is a risk of frost. Instead of water, the pipes are filled with pressurised air. As soon as the first sprinkler starts to operate, the air pressure drops and water flows into the pipes.

Pre-action systems

Pre-action systems are dry systems developed for applications where water damage must be kept to a minimum and unnecessary sprinkler action prevented. This mainly concerns buildings containing expensive machinery, equipment or objects such as computer rooms or museums. In a pre-action system, heat and/or smoke detectors are installed in the protected area. If an alarm is triggered, the installation gives a signal to the automatic valve to allow water into the sprinkler pipes. However, the water remains in the pipes until one of the sprinklers starts to operate.

Fire hose reels

A fire hose reel is indispensable for quickly bringing large volumes of water to a fire that has just broken out (fire class A). Fire hose reels are connected to the water mains and therefore have an unlimited water supply. Using a fire hose, the fire can be extinguished or kept in check until the fire service arrives. The big advantage of fire hose reels is that they are relatively simple to operate and offer an inexhaustible supply of the extinguishing agent.

Dry extinguishing pipes

When a fire breaks out in a tall or large building, the fire service can lose a great deal of valuable time unrolling and/or bringing up fire hoses. To avoid this, dry fire pipes are required in certain buildings. These rising pipes consist of steel tubes with supply and fire hose connections. The fire service can then use the fire engine’s pump to bring the required volume of water to the desired location in a short time.


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