Foam systems are mainly used in the chemical and petrochemical sector and other contexts where water alone is either insufficiently effective or excluded. The foam forms an airtight, protective blanket over the burning liquid, which minimises the release of flammable gases.

Foam systems are categorised according to the type of foam: low, medium or high expansion. In the case of low expansion foam, a thin film is applied over the burning liquid. With high expansion foam, the stored goods are immersed up to their storage height in foam.

Examples of the use of foam installations:

  • Tank pits
  • Loading stations
  • Object protection

Test Foam Car

Driven by a spirit of innovation and creativity, our engineering team of Cegelec Fire Solutions has designed a foam test unit based on its long experience. Our foam test unit is able to test foam proportioning equipment in an easy and reliable way, on-site.

CAF foam system

A CAF (compressed air foam) system involves extinguishing a fire using a solution of water and a class A foam concentrate mixed with compressed air.

Traditional foam systems require more water than CAF systems. In CAF systems, the addition of air makes it possible to use less water and still have an efficient extinguishing system. Water, air and foam are mixed and pumped to the various zones from the installation room. The compressed air is used for both transportation and foaming purposes, increasing the volume of the foam mixture by a factor of ten.

CAF systems consume four times less water and ten times less foam than traditional foam fire extinguishing installations, which significantly reduces their environmental impact.

Due to its low weight, the CAF system is also an ideal product for tall buildings, as it requires less energy to pump it to the upper floors. The CAF system is highly versatile (class A or B fires), and is also very effective due to its threefold response to the fire triangle.

The video shows the construction of the foam image, as well as how the truck is fully “packed” and the floor is well covered. This ensures ideal firefighting with a liquid fire.



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