Complete service and customised maintenance

Preventive and periodic maintenance is of the greatest importance for the operating reliability of your installation. A sprinkler installation must be ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of fire, the system must be able to begin operating immediately. With preventive and periodic inspection you detect any malfunctions or defects promptly, and you are certain that your system is always in top condition. In addition, it is beneficial to the lifespan of your system. All water fire extinguishing installations are checked during these inspections. Mixing and reference tests are also done for foam extinguishing installations.

Cegelec Fire Solutions has a team of experienced and certified technicians to ensure the optimal functionality of your fire safety systems. They share your sense of urgency. Our team conducts service and structural maintenance for you properly, quickly and professionally according to the standards in effect and the manufacturer’s instructions. Our 24-hour repair service offers you the certainty that you are and remain optimally protected day and night. With a Cegelec service agreement you are fully informed of the work activities, quality, costs and scheduling of our services.

In the event of renovations or changes in the use of the building, modifications may need to be made to your installation. For this too you can call on Cegelec to carry out technical modifications so that your fire extinguishing installations always stay in optimal condition.

Choose certainty with a certified installation

Because safety is the highest priority for Cegelec Fire Solutions, our products and services are always of the highest quality. Our systems are equipped with quality labels and certificates. So we always amply comply with the strict requirements that are set in the security industry, and you are certain that your safety systems are being installed and maintained by a professional and approved company.

Our installations are certified by means of the CCV certification scheme, which offers you as a customer certainty of our professionalism and the right preventive measures. The certification scheme is focused on certification of VBB systems according to NEN-EN ISO 17065. VBB systems (stationary fire prevention and extinguishing systems) are security systems that are designed and installed in buildings or facilities to protect people, limit damage and guarantee business continuity.



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