Cegelec Fire Solutions, with the right knowledge, experience and capacity for innovation, acts as a full-fledged partner even in the initial construction phase. We are involved in the planning and coordination in close consultation with the construction partners and contracting client.  We achieve important cost savings with thorough preparation and structural integration of the fire safety system. So you know exactly where you stand in each phase of the process.

Cegelec Fire Solutions implements all projects in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations for people and resources.

Choose certainty with a certified installation

All fire systems that are required by government or insurance must comply with certain standards and regulations. When you have a system installed, you want to be certain that it is done well.

Because safety is the highest priority for Cegelec Fire Solutions, our products and services are always of the highest quality. Our systems are equipped with quality labels and certificates. So we always amply comply with the strict requirements that are set in the security industry, and you are certain that your safety systems are being installed and maintained by a professional and approved company.

Our installations are certified by means of the CCV certification scheme, which offers you as a customer certainty of our professionalism and the right preventive measures. The certification scheme is focused on certification of VBB systems according to NEN-EN ISO 17065. VBB systems (stationary fire prevention and extinguishing systems) are security systems that are designed and installed in buildings or facilities to protect people, limit damage and guarantee business continuity.


VINCI Energies

At just about every moment in your life, you benefit from the contribution of VINCI Energies. We contribute to a changing world by connecting infrastructure, buildings and industrial sites to information and energy systems to improve your life every day.

Safety and prevention at the workplace

Every day, the awareness of each and every employee is essential to avoid accidents in the workplace and to prevent occupational illnesses. Cegelec is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.


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