Courtrai swimming pool

The 7th swimming pool to our name

27 Apr 2018

We are currently completing the special technical installations for our latest swimming pool via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with our partner S&R. Our colleagues at VINCI Facilities will, in turn, provide the full warranty and the maintenance for the installations.

This aquatic paradise offers not only an Olympic-sized pool, but also a lagoon, a wellness centre, 3 children’s pools and the longest water slide in the country (160m in length)! It is also equipped with anti-drowning safety systems and underwater windows for filming under water.

The decision-makers for this project wanted to give it a very broad scope, including offering day-trips close to home for everyone.

We are particularly proud of our involvement in this project, which is undoubtedly one of the most successful since we became actively involved in the swimming pool sector.

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